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Landing Gear and Motor

Landing Gear
The main landing gear for the
electric BUHOR is exactly the same as the IC
version. As you can see, my landing gear came
out a little rough since I shaped it with a
series of small bends using a vice and mallet.
You could probably make a smoother job of it by
bending the aluminum strip over a curved surface
like a paint can or a piece of pipe. Both ends
of the aluminum are twisted slightly inward to
create the toe-in specified by the original

Mounting the Landing Gear
I positioned the LG by eye,
guesstimating where it ought to be.
Drilled the frame and LG, then attached them
with a machine screw & nut, snugly, but loose
enough to swivel a bit for adjustment. Used a
square to align the LG 90 degrees to the frame,

Mounting the Motor
This shows why there's a slot
in the motor mount. The back end of the motor's
shaft goes in there.

Centered the motor with the shaft in the slot,
making sure the shaft turned freely, clear of
the mount. Marked the position for the first
hole on the lower lip of the mount, drilled it
out and attached the motor there, leaving the
screw & nut a bit loose to allow the motor
position to be adjusted as needed. Tweaked the
motor position again to insure that the
back-shaft didn't touch anything and then marked
the positions for the three remaining holes.

Here's the motor mount with the motor removed
for drilling. It clearly shows the makrs for the
three remaining holes. If your motor is flat on
the back (no back-shaft), you can probably just
swivel it out of the way to drill the three
holes. For motors with a back-shaft, you need
to remove the motor completely for drilling.

And here's the motor mounted and ready to go!

Next step: add battery & ESC and bench-test.

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